What is it? 

Tōtika is the Health & Safety Prequalification Scheme that has been developed and implemented by Construction H&S (CHASNZ) to create a standard for all health and safety pre-qualification systems in the Construction sector. 

PREQUAL has adopted the Tōtika questionnaires and assessment approach for those contractors wishing to undertake this process - this is called the PREQUAL Tōtika Prequalification

We have also retained our PREQUAL questionnaires and assessment approach - this is called the PREQUAL Prequalification. 


We think it is a great idea. There are two key reasons why:

  1. It sets the bar for H&S Prequalification providers in the market, ensuring (for both contracting organisations and their clients) that the prequalification process is robust, fit for purpose, and delivered by suitably qualified assessors to a consistently high standard.
  2. It will reduce the burden for contractors to complete multiple prequalification assessments for different clients. This is because clients will now be in a position to recognise that, so long as the prequalification has been undertaken by a Tōtika registered supplier, it's been delivered to the appropriate standard.


How does PREQUAL fit with Tōtika?

Tōtika has been specifically designed and implemented for the Construction sector however, we understand that it will extend into other sectors in the future.

If you are a Client in the Construction sector, and you are engaging Contractors, we suggest you consider directing them to do a PREQUAL Tōtika assessment. 

PREQUAL is a Tōtika Gold Member Scheme Provider. If you have any questions, call us on 0800 773 782 or email us at info@prequal.co.nz


How is PREQUAL Tōtika different to PREQUAL?

Contractor Classification

The Tōtika contractor assessment classification is slightly different to that of the PREQUAL Prequalification. A contractor under PREQUAL Tōtika will fit into one of four categories based on size, primary work activity, role, and maximum contract value; compared to the five categories in PREQUAL prequalification.


Tōtika requires a 'meet' or 'does not meet' outcome. 

As PREQUAL already has a comprehensive scoring system throughout the assessment process - which was developed based on clients' input who felt there was real value in this - we have retained scoring in our PREQUAL Tōtika questionnaire, but have also allowed for the Tōtika 'meet' or 'does not meet' measure. 


A PREQUAL Tōtika report is valid for 12 months, or for 24 months for Sole Traders or Category 1 contractors. This is different to a PREQUAL report that has varying validity periods depending on the contractor's score.


Information For PREQUAL Tōtika Contractors

PREQUAL Tōtika Prequalification allows Contractors and Contracting Organisations to demonstrate that their health and safety management systems (and related systems) have been independently assessed, providing an initial indication of their ability to perform work safely. 

But there are many more benefits of PREQUAL Tōtika. Assessments are overseen by highly experienced health and safety professionals with extensive experience in contractor management. A PREQUAL Tōtika assessment provides the advantage of driving the continual improvement of your health and safety management procedures. The report feedback will assist you in strengthening your processes and procedures, making your workplace safer for your workers, and your business more desirable for clients you engage with. 

Best of all, your report can be used with multiple client organisations. 

The PREQUAL platform is where you upload your Tōtika submission for assessment, and where your completed report is available to view and download. Importantly, it connects you with your client organisations and you can seek connection with potential clients. 

The first thing to do is decide whether you will complete a PREQUAL or PREQUAL Tōtika Prequalification. It is best to confirm this with your client.

It's simple to get started on your assessment - login to the PREQUAL platform, select a PREQUAL Tōtika assessment, then answer a series of questions about your business (which will lead you to the correct Tōtika category questionnaire), and then answer the questions in your assessment through free text or file upload. 

Rest assured, we're here to help you throughout the PREQUAL Tōtika assessment process, so if you have questions, contact the PREQUAL Team on 0800 773 782 or email us.