PREQUAL pre-qualification allows Contractors and Contracting Organisations to demonstrate that their health and safety management systems (and related systems) have been independently assessed, providing an initial indication of their ability to perform work safely.

But there are many more benefits, as the aim of PREQUAL is to drive the continual improvement of your health and safety management procedures. The report feedback will assist you in strengthening your processes and procedures, making your workplace safer for your workers, and your business more desirable for clients you engage with.

Best of all, your report can be used with multiple client organisations.

The PREQUAL platform is where you upload your submission for assessment, and where your completed report is available to view and download. Importantly, it connects you with your client organisations and you can seek connection with potential clients.

Check out all the details and FAQs below and use our PREQUAL Help Guide to help you work through your submission.

It’s simple to get started on your assessment - log in to the PREQUAL platform, answer a series of questions about your business (which will lead you to the correct category assessment questionnaire), and then answer the questions in your assessment through free text or file upload.

Rest assured, we’re here to help you throughout the PREQUAL assessment process, so if you have questions, contact the PREQUAL team on 0800 773 782 or email us.