Welcome to PREQUAL

+ As a PREQUAL client organisation, you’ll find all the information and support here that you need from this leading contractor prequalification process, including the Tōtika Scheme developed for the construction sector. 

You can learn why prequalification is so important, how PREQUAL evolved and the benefits of PREQUAL and PREQUAL Tōtika for client organisations and contractors alike.

PREQUAL is designed as a qualitative assessment procedure to deliver a view on a contractor’s H&S knowledge, processes and practices. It also looks at insurance cover, validity and term and requests referee details. PREQUAL Tōtika meets the standards of the Tōtika Scheme - we are a Gold Member Scheme Provider. 

When you log onto the PREQUAL portal as a client organisation, you can review your contractors’ reports, connect with appropriate additional contractors, run reports and much more.

+ As a contractor, the PREQUAL portal is where you choose to undergo a PREQUAL or PREQUAL Tōtika assessment, submit your documentation and responses and connect with clients.

There is valuable support here to help contractors with both assessment processes. Review the FAQs and Help Guide – they are designed to provide an initial overview of what is required from you and step by step guidance throughout the PREQUAL process.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or on 0800 773 782.


Registration For Contractors

PREQUAL continues to operate under Level 3 and Level 2.  The PREQUAL team is safely working from home to provide full support and assistance to PREQUAL clients and contractors as usual.

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